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Leave a Mark – Mark Tidwell’s story

Mark Tidwell

Mark Tidwell

You can react to life’s pain and challenge in different ways. We all have. Sometimes we feel picked on. Sometimes we feel angry. Sometimes we’re just resigned to what’s happening. Sometimes we take a deep breath and ask for help to get through what’s in front of us.

Wieuca was privileged to hear Mark Tidwell’s story on Sunday. You won’t find self-pity in his testimony. He and his wife, Lee, certainly had their moments … still do. Their world has been rocked again and again. Stage 4 cancer will stun anyone.

Jesus talked about building a house on sand or solid rock (Matthew 7:24-27). The Tidwells have built their lives on a solid rock. See his story at this link:

You can find out more about his remarkable efforts to look beyond his difficulties through the eyes of a deep and growing faith at http://www.leaveamarknow.com. You can also view Mark’s message at Wieuca on April 21 at http://www.wieuca.org/messages. His life demonstrates the power of one! ┬áPray for the Tidwells and their ministry.