Why not now?

Robert G. Lee, a Christian comedian, created a bit based on a conversation he had with a young lady. She asked why Jesus didn’t come today instead of 2000 years ago. He came up with reasons why Jesus would have a hard time in today’s society. With some liberty taken, here are some to think about:

  • Some, if not most, of the disciples would have had a hard time passing the required background checks
  • The AMA would have sought to prosecute Jesus for practicing medicine without a license
  • The FDA would have fined Jesus for feeding the multitude without individually wrapping and scanning the fish and loaves
  • Jesus would have been brought up on charges for hate speech after calling the Pharisees hypocrites and a brood of vipers
  • The IRS would have investigated Jesus for undisclosed income, mostly because of His shady accountant, Judas
  • The American Psychiatric Association would want Him examined because of His claims of divinity
  • In our 24/7 news cycle, He would have been constantly harassed by the media, hyping controversy and looking for dirt
  • The Federal Government through a variety of alphabet agencies would surveil Him, perhaps arrest Him for subversive activity

Uh oh … I think I know where this is headed. It would be comical if it weren’t so tragic. If Jesus came today instead of 2000 years ago, would He have been treated the same way? Would He be rejected by the intelligentsia and religious establishment of our day? Would folks like you and me recognize Him?  Follow Him? Worship Him? Would we choose love and compassion over hate and fear for His sake? Would we build bridges instead of erecting walls for His sake? Would we dare to treat others as we wish to be treated for His sake?

What if He showed up tomorrow? Not for the first time, but the second. He will, you know, and it may come soon. Let’s get busy.

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About Mark Wilbanks

Dr. Wilbanks became Wieuca’s fifth senior pastor in February of 2012. Mark’s father, Oliver Wilbanks, served as Associate Pastor here from 1966 to 1982. Wieuca had a tremendous influence in shaping Mark’s call to ministry during his teenage and young adult years. A graduate of both Southern and New Orleans Baptist Theological seminaries, Mark has served churches in Kentucky, Florida, and Georgia. He pastored Southside Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida for 17 years and Bradfordville First Baptist Church in Tallahassee, Florida for ten years. He and his wife, Kim, were married in 1979 and have two sons, Andy and Jordan. Andy is married to Lindsay and they have a son, Cade, a daughter, Ruthie, and welcomed their third child, Samuel, in October.

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