It was good idea at the time

Have you ever had a dream that contained what seemed like a brilliant idea at the time, then you woke up and wondered if you had lost your mind? Perhaps, but you’re not admitting it, right? These guys tried to turn their idea into reality:

  • In 1950, a man created the Venetian Blind Sunglasses – glasses with little slats that you could close when the sun was too bright. Just what you need – glasses that render you sightless.
  • Near the same time, a man thought a tiny umbrella that you could fit onto your cigarette or cigar was a great idea. You could smoke in the rain!
  • There was a guy who thought it important to know if tomatoes felt pain. His conclusion was that they screamed when sliced.
  • Patent # GB2272154 was registered for the “Incy-Wincy Spider Liberator” – a tiny ladder to enable spiders to climb out of a bathtub before it fills up with water. When you see a spider, do you (a) automatically think “How can I help this poor fellow escape?” or (b) reach for a shoe or some other object. Liberating spiders may not be high on your list.

Not all ideas are wacky and witless, particularly when it comes to considering how God might inspire us to serve Him and others. Some of the most exciting and effective ideas come from those who are open to the prompting of God and the passion to make a difference.

Bryan Franklin, Terry Murphy, and the Missions Committee are collecting stories and ministries experienced by individuals, Covenant Groups, and other teams. We have partnerships with Buckhead Christian Ministry, Edgewood Elementary, Dresden Elementary, and others where projects have been completed, are underway, or are on the drawing board. We have several groups collecting backpacks for Syrian refugees. There are opportunities on our own campus to volunteer in our Auxiliary Ministries. We have homebound members who are ministered to by our Deacons but need other touches. Wieuca is participating again in another Habitat for Humanity build.

Consider the great number of children and families that will attend our annual North Atlanta Easter Egg Hunt on March 26. Be a part of the volunteer team to serve our guests that day.

Come up with your own idea. Recruit others to make it happen. Tell us your story so we can support what you feel God is leading you to do. Who wants to sit on the sidelines and watch others get to play?

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About Mark Wilbanks

Dr. Wilbanks became Wieuca’s fifth senior pastor in February of 2012. Mark’s father, Oliver Wilbanks, served as Associate Pastor here from 1966 to 1982. Wieuca had a tremendous influence in shaping Mark’s call to ministry during his teenage and young adult years. A graduate of both Southern and New Orleans Baptist Theological seminaries, Mark has served churches in Kentucky, Florida, and Georgia. He pastored Southside Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida for 17 years and Bradfordville First Baptist Church in Tallahassee, Florida for ten years. He and his wife, Kim, were married in 1979 and have two sons, Andy and Jordan. Andy is married to Lindsay and they have a son, Cade, a daughter, Ruthie, and welcomed their third child, Samuel, in October.

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