Staying Connected Through Covenant Groups

One year ago our Bible study groups became Covenant Groups when they signed covenants together–commitments that they would be faithful in their participation in and support of our church. Since then, we’ve started a few new groups, experimented with in-home Bible studies, engaged in a few church-wide Bible study emphases together, and continued to seek God’s vision for our community.

Now it’s time to revisit our commitments from last May.

Our Covenant Groups fall under the “Connect” portion of our “Worship. Connect. Serve.” strategy. They help people form meaningful friendships,  apply Biblical principles to 21st century life, and provide outlets for service to our church and community.

If you’re not involved in a Covenant Group, we want you to be. We’re planning to offer new in-home and Sunday morning opportunities so you’ll have comfortable, accessible ways to get connected. We’ll begin promoting new opportunities soon, and we hope you’ll take advantage of them.

If you’re already an active member of a Covenant Group, expect to revisit your covenant commitments in the next few weeks.  Be prepared to recommit yourself to your group members and your church.

As a reminder, our covenant commitment is printed below. we’re building new relationships at Wieuca and great things are happening. ‘ll see you in your Covenant Group this Sunday, 9:30 sharp.


He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant—not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.
 -2 Corinthians 3:6

The goal of covenant making is to create a shared destiny with others in the faith, a destiny founded on the belief that it is through the bonds of love that human beings are transformed (John 13:34).  A religious covenant is a promise entered into by human beings who make commitments both to each other and to God whereby their futures are inextricably bound to one another.

The aim of this covenant is not the satisfaction of individual self-interest, but group transformation. This covenant relationship depends upon the understanding that the implications of this covenant are larger than what we alone can envision. Therefore, the strength of this covenant relies not only on the mutual agreements entered into by the undersigned, but also on the power of God revealed in Jesus Christ, in whom we place our faith.

Recognizing that we will at times fall short of our commitments and asking for the forgiveness of God and our fellow travelers when we do, we, the undersigned, commit to the following:

Once a day, I will pray for my church and my Covenant Group.

Once a week, I will study the Bible and will participate in my weekly Covenant Group as often as I am able.

Once a month, I will serve my church and my community through my participation on a ministry team, committee or other volunteer group.

Once a quarter, I will support the missions programs of Wieuca Road Baptist Church either through my participation or my donations.

Once a year, I will rededicate myself to God, to my church, and to my Covenant Group members by revisiting the above commitments.

We believe that the above commitments, along with God’s unfailing grace, have the power to transform our lives and our community.  We seek God’s blessing as we cheerfully attach our names.

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