Leading Transformation 40 Days at a Time

40 Days HERO

At our Fall Leadership Retreat in November and again at our leadership team meetings in January, we emphasized to our leaders that they had a responsibility to be more than managerial or technical or administrative leaders in our church. Our theme in November (re-emphasized in January) was “Leading Transformation.” We believe that God has the power to transform our lives and that we’re at a pivotal time for God to transform our church. Further, we believe that if we have any hope of leading in a transformative way, we must encourage spiritual leadership from all who lead our congregation.

So we emphasized the spiritual aspect of leadership at our retreats and meetings. Most people would expect Bible study leaders and deacons to be spiritual leaders. Not as many people would naturally look to the finance or property committee chairs, or to the church council, for spiritual leadership. And sometimes the chairs and members of these councils and committees don’t necessarily see their purposes as inherently spiritual.

But that’s exactly what we’re encouraging.  We’ve been asking our leaders, wherever they serve, to engage those they serve spiritually by emphasizing both a prayerful dependence on God and a relational intentionality in their interactions with their members.

Last Sunday we launched our 40 Days in the Word experiment. On Sunday afternoon, more than sixty Wieucans gathered in seven homes scattered all over North Atlanta for fellowship and Bible study. And guess what? Three of our four median adult groups were hosted by church council members! Another of our church council members has been an organizational Godsend to our efforts. Three others are actively participating in our 40 Days groups. That’s stepping up to the plate on the spiritual leadership front! The spiritual leadership of our church council members is worth noting and celebrating. I couldn’t be more grateful for the example they’re setting.

As we emphasize discipleship in 2014, we also seek to expand our leadership base. As Wieuca grows, we need a growing number of leaders; leaders to host small group opportunities like 40 Days in the Word; leaders to teach and direct Covenant Group Bible studies; leaders to serve committees and ministry teams; and leaders who are willing to serve our families through our deacon ministry.

To that end, we have a number of leadership training opportunities coming up. Let me highlight two. First, Joel Harrison, director of the Atlanta Metro Baptist Association, will join us on Feb 24th to lead the discussion at our February Leadership Development seminar. Anyone interested in helping to shape the future of Wieuca through leadership is encouraged to attend.

Second, we will be a satellite host for Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit (GLS) on August 14th and 15th. The Global Leadership Summit provides two days of first-class training and inspiration led by innovative leaders in business, government, academia and the church. Put those dates on your calendar and plan to attend. We’ll be beaming invaluable insight and real world leadership experience right into our Peachtree Room.

Remember these upcoming events and remember that God requires all of us who serve his church to become spiritual leaders of those we serve. And if you see a church council member this week, thank them for the example they’re setting in spiritual leadership. One of the best things we can do as the body of Christ is to celebrate our successes together and encourage our leaders. It helps us remember how much we have to be grateful for.

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