I Believe In Small Group Bible Study by Aimee Yeager

40 Days HERO

Wondering if Small Group Bible Study is right for you?  Read this testimony from our Director of Children’s Ministries, Aimee Yeager.  Thanks, Aimee!

I believe in Small Group Bible Study.

As evening settles in and I enter Amanda’s living room, our small group Bible study sounds like knocks on the door and laughter as friends are welcomed in.  Bible Study smells like a freshly lit vanilla candle and quiche just out of the oven.  Small group tastes like a meal shared between friends, our weekly communion. Our small group Bible Study feels like church.

As fellowship turns to study, the sights, sounds and emotions shift.  As we share our joys and sorrows, communion becomes confession.  As we talk about God, and where we have and have not seen the Divine presence this week, laughter gives way to community tears.  Small Group is the place where we can ask, “Why do bad things happen to God’s people?” and “Do we have the right to be mad at God?”  Here, women can talk about the struggles of starting a family and we feel safe enough to finally admit aloud that we’re nervous about and maybe even bitter over the way our lives are going.  Between friends, we come to celebrate new jobs and a new year.  In our small group, women find safe space to discuss and flesh out the sacred calls of motherhood, friendship, and just being a Christian.

I believe in Small Group Bible Study because I believe in the power of Christians reading together, laughing together, and praying together.  In my Small Group I join hearts with other women whose journeys mirror and challenge my own.  Weekly, we grow our relationships and build community.  The women in this group have become friends, confidants and prayer warriors.  I learn to love others in this space.  I find God in myself and in these women; and through our human relationships I learn to love the Spirit of God deeply.

Your 40 Days Small Group starts February 2nd. You can sign up to lead or join a group this Sunday! 

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