More Like Christ, More Like God’s Kingdom

Last weekend, our ministers and lay leaders spent some time together thinking about “Leading Transformation.” We gathered for Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. We talked about God’s vision for our church and what we’re doing to follow that vision.  We talked about messaging.  We talked about our progress over the last year and our hopes for the next one.

We talked about becoming more like Christ so our community will look more like God’s kingdom.  We talked about the central importance of prayer in life transformation. We talked about building Christ-centered relationships that have the potential to change us.

And then our leaders  and our staff made commitments to one another.  So I wanted to remind you that if you’re part of a Covenant Group you have also made commitments to one another.  Remember?

-Once a day, I will pray.

-Once a week, I will study my Bible.

-Once a month, I will serve my church.

-Once a quarter, I will support the missions programs of Wieuca Road.

-Once a year, I will revisit these commitments and rededicate myself to God and my Covenant Group.

It’s been about six months since we first made those commitments. How are you doing? Are prayer and Bible study a regular part of your weekly routine? Are you finding opportunities to serve through a ministry team, committee, or other volunteer group? Have you participated in our BCM drives, packed snack bags, picked up a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child, or given to support the ongoing missions programs of our church?

If you’re still looking for ways to serve on a regular basis, you can join a monthly rotation of volunteers in our greeting ministry, our children’s ministry, our prayer ministry, or our Wednesday night tellers ministry. If you’re looking for ways to give, in the next weeks and months you can support Operation Christmas Child or our holiday missions offering or volunteer to serve at BCM.

Over the next year, discipleship and relationship building will be a main emphasis at Wieuca. Think about how you can get more connected.  Think about how you can build deeper relationships.  Think about where you can plug in to grow closer to God as we all grow closer to one another.  The opportunities will be there.  I’m praying we’ll all find ways to take advantage of them!

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