Abundant life
Yesterday I saw a short presentation about how you could add seven and a half minutes to your life. (Follow us on twitter- @wieucaroad-for a link to the presentation.)

The presenter’s goal was to share how a few small steps toward mindfulness, body awareness, and wellness could ultimately add 10 years to your life. She presented the scientific studies and facts that supported her claims with excitement and conviction and was received by her audience as if she were a miracle worker.

And, I must say, her presentation was compelling and inspiring.  In about 15 minutes she was able to present several simple steps guaranteed to improve both the quantity and quality of life.

As Christians, we serve a God and follow a Savior who promise not just 7 and a half more minutes or even 10 more years of life. God promises us ETERNAL life. And God’s promise is not just longer life, it’s better life. Jesus tells us that he came to earth so that we might have life more ABUNDANTLY.

If we just do a few small things like pray and read our Bibles, love our neighbors and care for those in need, spend time with other Christians and celebrate God together, then God promises things like forgiveness and redemption and hope and fulfillment and peace and yes, ETERNAL, ABUNDANT life.

We don’t always remember how big and powerful God’s message is for us and for our friends.  So we don’t always share it with the excitement and conviction it deserves. 

Remember, you are part of a compelling and inspiring story. Never let it grow dull in your mind. And never be ashamed to share it.

See you Sunday,


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