Once a Quarter, I Will Expand God’s Kingdom

Wieuca-Covenant Groups Logo

 Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. “Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore,  to send out workers into His harvest field” – Matthew 9:37-38

Four weeks ago, we began signing covenants together. Those covenants are meant to create a shared destiny, a shared sense of purpose, and to create a common cause among ourselves and with God. We committed together to pray daily, to study the Bible regularly, to serve our church faithfully, and to support God’s mission in our world either through our direct participation or the donation of our resources.

Missions has always been central to the work of Wieuca. In Matthew 9, Jesus acknowledges the lack of people who are either willing or able to carry God’s work into the world. It’s never been easy to find people willing to volunteer for hands-on mission work. In our covenants  we’ve committed to doing just that four times a year. Sure, you could give money to missions causes instead; there’s not a missions organization that couldn’t use more funding. But, even more than money, God needs our time, our talents, our energy, our willingness to share and serve and go and do.

We’re working to start a more sustained effort of missions involvement right here in our neighborhood. Whether it’s helping build new parks or planting new gardens at schools or reading to children in libraries or serving at community fairs or hosting community groups on our campus, we have all kinds of opportunities to be Christ’s presence in our community.

Serving once a quarter only requires a commitment of a few hours a year. Increasingly, the mission field is right outside our door. We no longer need to travel the world to find the lost or the unchurched. When Jesus saw that there were too few workers in the field, his first reaction was not to cajole or shame those who hadn’t made it yet. Instead, he asked that we pray to God to send more workers. As you pray this week, ask the Lord of the harvest to send more workers into the field.

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