Creating Covenant Communities

Wieuca-Covenant Groups Logo

On Sunday, May 5th all of the Bible study groups at Wieuca will have the chance to become CovenantGroups.  Covenant is just a fancy word for promise or commitment or agreement, and covenants are a central way that God interacts with his people throughout the Bible.

Scholars disagree about exactly how many covenants God enters into in the Bible, but a few of the big ones are worth mentioning here.  God promises Noah that he will never again destroy the earth as in the flood. God promises Abraham that he will bless his descendants and turn them into a great nation. God enters into a covenant with Moses and the people of Israel at Mount Sinai with the giving of the Ten Commandments.

And then God entered into a new covenant with us through Jesus Christ. You and I as Christians claim ownership of this covenant even today. In Christ, God promises grace, redemption, forgiveness, salvation, and restoration. In return, God asks only that we love him and each other, and that we accept him as the author of our lives.

God’s love in Christ is unconditional.  His mercy is without limit.  His capacity to restore us to who we were created to be is unmatched.  As heirs to that kind of covenant, as recipients of that kind of grace, what would you be willing to commit to?  Would you be willing to pray every day? Study your Bible each week?  Serve your church once a month? Help spread God’s message once a quarter? Recommit yourself to God and to God’s church once a year?

On May 5th you’ll have the chance to do just that.  By making a series of small commitments to each other and to God, we pray that God will transform our lives and our community.  The church was created as a place to for Christians to build community and find safety as they shared their lives together.  Join us on May 5th as we continue to seek God’s will in living life together.

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